Monday, November 9, 2009

Blog the First : Disclaimer

This being the first blog on here let me just say, ... here's a little about myself. My names Frank, (if you haven't read that already), I like cartoon's, movies, sports, some TV and moving out and about, mainly outside. I've been able to draw since, ...since I can start remembering things. I was always drawn to moving pictures and funny noises as a kid. I wanted to draw what I saw on TV, and wanted to do that for a living, and still do. I love creating things, whether on paper or on film. It's been a hobby and I hope to continue doing so. I've done some things but nothing major. My last 15 minutes of fame include illustrating for a book. I'll blog about that later. Thus brings me too,---------------------------------------> HERE. My reason for writing on this thing is too throw out my thoughts out onto something, and it's another outlet for my artwork. The wall holding me back was, Why write a blog? Who would read it? What would you write about? I thought about it for a while and, finally said, screw it. I doesn't matter if one person reads this or a million people read it. I'm tossing my thoughts, ideas, work, theories, whatever you wanna call it, out there. It's whatever I want it to be. So without ranting too much longer: I'm going to try and keep this thing going, and start putting up some real nice looking pictures out here into the world of the unknown...

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